Wellness Coaching for Health and Recovery

Are you a cancer survivor? Are you living with a chronic illness? Facing decisions about your health? Do you need a place to talk about what you have been through and how to move forward with a quality of life?

Wellness Coaching with Lynn Grodzki, Master Certified Coach, can help you feel more in control. You will be able to have a real and effective series of conversations that focus on you and your needs, with someone who has no agenda other than helping you to find your best solutions.

With Wellness Coaching, you can think through and discuss the sometimes difficult choices that those with illness concerns have to face. You can look at what you might be able to do for yourself and with others to improve your situation, and how to take both big and small steps.

Studies show that Wellness Coaching can help improve recovery and the ability to survive well after illness has been diagnosed and treatment is complete as long as the coaching focuses on how to:

  • Develop resilience,
  • Access coping strategies
  • Promote health and wellness
  • Reduce stress

Lynn Grodzki offers Wellness Coaching with this focus for those in recovery. The coaching is designed to help clients have a safe and contained space to talk, separately or with others in their family, as they contemplate changes, set goals, reduce stress, process feelings from the illness experience, and move forward in life and wellness.

Since this is coaching, not psychotherapy, she offers a program that can help clients who seek services in person or for those at distance, by phone and by Skype.

Lynn helps people:

  • learn techniques to calm stress
  • determine constructive coping mechanisms
  • make strategic choices
  • relate openly and lovingly with others
  • stay proactive for yourself and your health
  • use support to overcome isolation

…and practice the 3 C’s of resilience:

  1. Commitment (find purpose in life)
  2. Control (determine where to focus)
  3. Challenge (reframe obstacles into challenges.)

Call (301) 434-0766 to schedule a first session or email: info@counselingsilverspring.com

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