Frequently Asked Questions About Psychotherapy

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy treatment involves a conversation, a focused method of having your therapist carefully listen, ask questions, and help you elicit and understand the patterns and beliefs that underlay actions. Each psychotherapy session provides you an opportunity to tell your story, find pragmatic solutions, and make the changes that help you reach your goals. As a licensed psychotherapist, Lynn will work with you to establish a safe environment so that you can freely talk and think through your issues and your solutions.

Will it work for me?

Many people get a great deal of benefit from psychotherapy, some even after comparatively few meetings. Like any other treatment or life experience, psychotherapy may not be suitable for everyone. Clinical experience shows that if you are motivated and set realistic goals, psychotherapy is likely to be of great benefit in addressing symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress and other concerns.

What does it cost?

As of 1/1/18: Individual or couples sessions are $185 for a 45-50 minute session, payable at the time of the session by check or credit card.

Do you take insurance?

Lynn does not participate directly with any insurance company. She will furnish you with a receipt for the payment of each session via a pdf sent by email, that you may use for insurance reimbursement (out of plan) or tax purposes. She chooses to work outside of managed care to protect your confidentiality and to give you the ultimate control over the course of your therapy sessions and treatment.

 Does it mean that I am ‘ill’ if I’m in psychotherapy?

Regardless of how you were referred, psychotherapy aims to treat people with issues of personal development which may have developed recently, or may have developed over many years, sometimes right from early childhood. The aim in psychotherapy is to look more deeply into the emotions, conflicts and distress behind these diagnoses. Psychotherapy can be understood for some as treatment for mental illness, but in others it is an important part of human education. It can help you to understand and resolve your drives, motives, behaviors, and relationships better.

How often are the sessions?

Most psychotherapy takes place with a weekly or every-other-weekly session. It is conducted in person or on occasion, by phone with those who are unable to make their regular appointment.

What benefit should I feel afterwards?

Research has shown that psychotherapy is effective in reducing symptoms, improving relationships and self esteem. However, as each person is an individual it is difficult to generalize at the beginning as to which benefits a person may feel. The exploration and the journey is often as important as the goal.

How will I feel during therapy?

Therapy sometimes requires an uncovering of painful feelings and memories. This can be experienced as a relief but it may also stir up uncomfortable feelings. Keep your therapist informed about your experience as you go through your sessions.

How do I get started?

To set up your first session, call the office number: 301 434 0766 or email:



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