How Executive Coaching Works

I coach executives, directors, and leaders in corporations, non-profits, government agencies and academic institutions.

Do you want to:

  • Define and polish your personal leadership ability?
  • Be successful in this uncertain economy?
  • Work smarter, instead of harder?
  • Avoid burnout and have a life, not just a career?
  • Deal better with difficult staff?
  • Relate to others with awareness and empathy to inspire loyalty and productivity?
  • Accept information and criticism without defensiveness?
  • Know how to collaboratively and communicate effectively?
  • Articulate your vision for your life and your work?
  • Operate with integrity and clarity?

Executives have special challenges

Do you wish you had an external executive coach to talk to, someone who had no agenda but yours, someone who wanted you to be as successful and fulfilled as you desired, someone who could stand behind you to support you in achieving your goals?

I can help.

I coach executives in corporations, government agencies, for-profit corporations, non-profits, as well as entrepreneurs who own and operate their own businesses.

I have been a business coach since 1996, am certified by the International Coaching Federation at the highest level of coaching (Master Certified Coach.) I am on the faculty for the largest coach training organization in the world (Coach U) and author of 5 books on business development. I am a former business executive of a family owned business, an entrepreneur, and a licensed psychotherapist in private practice for over twenty years.

My clients are usually highly competent in their professional roles, but they still face the challenges of being in business today. I have shown thousands of professionals how to navigate their private and business lives, so that they can succeed in their careers, but not sacrifice their personal relationships and priorities.

Let me show you how to reduce work stress, with the support of an executive coach.

Don’t just worry about the future of your work or your life. Take steps now to become a savvier businessperson or executive, to set and meet your goals. Learn how to build the rewarding life and career direction you want.

Take the next step!

Contact me to set up a free, 30-minute introductory executive coaching session by phone at your convenience. I have a boutique coaching practice and only work with a few executives at any given time, to be able to offer you attentive service, accessibility, and help you craft your vision and define and meet your goals.

Let’s get started.

Just email: or call: 301-434-0766 | 301-434-0766 to get started today!

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