Individual Counseling & Psychotherapy

Therapy with a Coaching Approach

If you are feeling:

  • anxious or overly worried
  • depressed
  • sad or lonely
  • confused about your options or next steps

Individual counseling or psychotherapy can help. Psychotherapy treatment involves listening and talking, and helping you develop insight as you understand the relationship between you and others involved in your life and work. Psychotherapy sessions provide the opportunity to find space to tell your story, see patterns of behavior, treat symptoms, get reality checks, learn to see the inevitable limitations of self and others, find acceptance for what has happened in the past, improve current self-esteem, find workable solutions, and over time, make the changes that you desire to have a life that meets your goals. Lynn establishes a safe, healing environment so that you can discuss your issues and make progress.

Lynn’s approach is primarily cognitive to help you correct negative beliefs, develop more clarity and be able to be constructively proactive with self and others. She offers therapy with a coaching approach that is strategic, direct, and optimistic, to help her clients resolve the past and focus on the future.

Many people feel a great deal of benefit from psychotherapy, some even after comparatively few meetings. Clinical experience shows that if you are motivated and set realistic therapy goals, psychotherapy is likely to be of great benefit. You may feel some clarity and initial relief of symptoms, such as depression and anxiety, even after the first session.

Lynn Grodzki, LCSW, MCC is a senior psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience. She is also a Master Certified Coach. She brings her combined experience of therapy and coaching to offer therapy with a coaching style. Lynn works with the “worried well” — adult women and men who are functioning well in many areas of their lives, but want to talk about inner concerns, relationships that are not satisfying, or next steps for living their best life.

It’s easy to get started. Call (301) 434-0766 or email:

The first brief phone call is free. You and Lynn will discuss your situation and see if she can be of help.

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