Take this Therapy Survey

Take this Survey to get started with Individual Therapy


Ready to get started with Psychotherapy? Here is a Survey to help Lynn understand your situation and goals.

Answer each question fully. Take your time. Then email your answers to Lynn at: info@counselingsilverspring.com prior to your introductory therapy session.

1.   Where do you get your energy from and what drains you?
2.   What are you proudest about in regards to your life/ and or work?
3.   What is going well? What is not?
4.   Please list the challenges and problems you are currently facing.
5.   Of all these challenges / problems, which need attention immediately?
6.   Which are low priority that can be corrected over time?
7.   Where would you like to see yourself (in life, relationships, work) in 1 year?
8.   Does this 1-year vision feel easy to accomplish or will it require major steps to manifest?
9.   What motivates you to take action? What obstacles to action do you need to anticipate?

10. What else should Lynn know about you, as your therapist?

Where are you located?

For our records, how did you hear about Lynn as a therapist?

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